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VMware ESXi integration in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

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VMware ESXi integration in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

Daniel had a management question:




Hi Guys,


I ve a customer who is using Microsoft’s SCOM for management in his environment. He also has HP SIM.

His VMware ESX  is integrated and can be managed from HP SIM. Since this is a heterogeneous environment HP,  IBM, Fujitsu etc., he wants a

Single Pane for Operations management via Microsoft SCOM. Issue he is having now is how to integrate VMware in SCOM.


Are there agents from HP or VMware that can be installed on ESXi host machine or Virtual Machines so that this could be integrated in Microsoft SCOM?

Any solution via SNMP?


Any idea/help is much welcomed.

Best regards,




Ron had some info:






Unfortunately there is no SNMP support in ESXi. It is only managed via CIM (WBEM).




Jim had a suggestion:






There are third party applications such as VEEAM that will integrate ESXi monitoring with SCOM via MP’s to allow single pane management.

Does the customer have a vCenter in their environment? If yes, take a look at




ANy other suggestions or comments?