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Virtual Connect 8GB FC firmware "Not Available" to the Onboard Administrator

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Virtual Connect 8GB FC firmware "Not Available" to the Onboard Administrator

Lucinda had a question regarding the Onboard Administrator:




                I have a persistent problem with a new blade installation in Michigan.  The C7000 OA firmware overview shows 1 or both of the Virtual Connect 8GB FC modules with firmware “not available”. I used VCSU 1.5.1 and .2 and they see the firmware at 1.03.  I forced the3.15 and 3.16 firmware bundles successfully but that did not change the OA view. A VC reset from VCSU makes no difference. A VCSU healthcheck thinks all the VC cards are healthy. At one point, when we thought the problem moved with just one VC-FC card, we replaced it and updated firmware again. But that did not fix the problem either.  The Virtual Connect Manager  also sees no problem  and the customer is proceeding with his VC configuration.  But it is disconcerting that the OA cannot consistently report the VC-FC modules firmware version.  Our OA is running 3.21 firmware. 


                Any suggestions?  Is this a problem with OA 3.21?




Monty answered:




No, it is not a problem with the OA firmware – the OA can only report the firmware version for interconnect module firmware if the interconnect provides that information to the OA.   Most of the Virtual Connect modules and the HP SAS Switch provide the firmware version to the OA, but the rest of the interconnect modules do not and the OA reports the information is not available.


The VC 8Gb FC modules is the only Virtual Connect module that does not provide that information to the OA, but the other VC modules do.




Thanks Monty. Comments?