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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) 6.2 best practice question

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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) 6.2 best practice question

Pierre had a customer question on VCEM:




VCEM 6.2 question : Customer has a qty. 3 enclosures as part of domain group. Can 1 of the enclosures be placed in maintenance mode, create a Shared Uplink Set (sus), add some vlans and remove existing single network?   Or does this change require all 3 enclosures to have the same change? Do you simply remove the domain from the domain group to avoid this?  Customer wants to do this on the weekend, so I am checking what HP recommends (best practice):

IS there any risk of bringing it back in if not the same?

IT  looks like he wants to avoid issues while keeping existing domains running, if you delete a single network with uplink on 1 enclosure I suspect it will cause havoc.

Is there a best practice type document, or do we rely on user guide ?

Any help appreciated or links, thank you.




Info from Fred:




The concept of VC Domain Groups is that they maintain a consistent configuration across all the member domains in the group.


The way to accomplish your changes (create a SUS, add VLANs and remove a single network) is to put the domain into maintenance mode, make the desired changes via VCM (either web UI or vcmcli) and then complete maintenance mode. Completing maintenance mode will propagate the changes (new SUS, removal of the single network) from the other domains in the group.


Make sure that the network you’re deleting is not used by any profile in any of the domains in the group. If it is used and you do manage to delete it, VCEM will report an error when you attempt to complete maintenance mode.


The VCEM 6.2 User Guide ( has information on maintenance mode.