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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) implentation question

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Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) implentation question

Dennis had a VCEM question:




HP has a customer that wants to implement VCEM (Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager) in their environment. 


The customer has over 60, C7000 enclosures and wants to utilize VCEM functionality. 


I want to find out what the best approach to implementing this product is?


Is there a Pre-Delivery document for this product that is similar to our C7000 installation document?


Specifically what kind of questions need to be asked of the customer?


Please let me know if you have any input…..   Thanks!!!




Vincent provided some answers and suggestions:




I don’t know of any document specifically for this, but you could start with the VCEM user guide and look at the Installation prerequisites and, more importantly, the “Requirements for adding a VC Domain to a VC Domain Group” section




Have you implemented VCEM in your datacenter? What are your comments and suggestions?