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Virtual Connect Manager to System Insight Manage (SIM) event logging and traps

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Virtual Connect Manager to System Insight Manage (SIM) event logging and traps

Ed had a question regarding fault reporting:




We are trying to demonstrate the alerting capabilities of VC as it relates to the SNMP trap reporting to SIM.

We unplugged the FC cables supporting “SAN 3” on the VC side and the Health Status changes from Green to Yellow (degraded).


And…it looks like I’m halfway there (was Healthy – Green now the Health Status is Degraded):




So far so good but …  Nothing shows up under Events:




Just the standard “Discovered System” message.

We have the SNMP configuration set properly in Global Credentials (public) and the SNMP configuration set on the VC side (public as well):




Any idea as to why SIM is not displaying the reason why the Health Status changes from Healthy (green) to Degraded (yellow)?
It seems like we’re half way there but no Traps are coming in (and maybe they don’t for this specific failure – not sure)




Input from Chuck:




Check a couple things,-- FYI, the traps and their status in SIM are in the VC User Guide.


1-Make sure that the box for FC PORT Status is checked in the SNMP Trap categories in the VC


2-Verify that their SIM server can handle the traps. Is their Mib kit up to date?


3 On the Ethernet side, the port status is an Informational event in SIM.  Not sure about FC ports.  You may want to change that to something like warning or Major in SIM Event Type Manager.




Reply from Ed:




Turns out that when something like a pulled cable on the VC module happens – the overall VC Domain goes to Degraded status but we actually had to drill in to the individual modules to see the real error message.  I couldn’t see the issue at the Domain level within SIM under the Events tab.  But the error did show up when I went into the Fibre Channel modules’ Event tab.




Any other comments?