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What is missing to change Automate Zoning -> Yes?

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What is missing to change Automate Zoning -> Yes?

Wei Ling had a SAN question:




I am setting up a demo and trying to activate  san switch auto zoning with Chris’s post.


I have no problem adding Brocade Network Advisor but Automate Zoning column is grey off.

What is the missing step?






Reply from Chris:

Have you enabled Zone Management in BNA under the FC Switches you added?  What version of BNA are you running?



And from John:

I need to have a zone config enabled on the switches when I saw this issue.


Once I did that, zoned turned to “yes”, the gear icon appeared, and I was able to set automated zoning to “yes”.





Response from Wei Ling:

John is correct. I hd to enable zone config on the switch.

Thank you a lot.




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