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Where can i find ILO info?

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Where can i find ILO info?

Rui-Lin was looking for more iLO informaiton:




Is there an iLO API?




David had some info:




Well, I wouldn’t call it an “API” but there is RIBCL, the “Remote Insight Board Command Language,” that uses XML-style syntax and uses secure HTTP so it’s pretty close to a SOAP API. 


Go to --> More iLO Documentation and follow down the appropriate path to find either “HP ProLiant Integrated Lights-Out 2 v 2.00 Scripting and Command Line Guide” or “HP ProLiant Integrated Lights-Out 3 v 1.05 Scripting and Command Line Guide.” 


From the top page above, there is a link for “Sample Scripts” or if you follow “Best Practices” à “Advanced Scripting” you can also get examples of wrapping the RIBCL into Perl scripts.




Hope this helps you. Let us know if you are using this please.