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Windows 2012 and Intelligent Provisioning question

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Windows 2012 and Intelligent Provisioning question

David had a Windows 2012 question:




A customer of mine recently asked me if they should be aware of any differences when installing Windows 2012 using Intelligent Provisioning.  Are there any minimum requirements that must be met?  Any special actions that need to be taken?  Will they have to specify a network share or connect to HP or will they still be able to use the minimum install and then run the SPP after?




Reply fom Will:




If the customer uses IP to install WS 2012, there will be no need to install SPP after the deployment since it is part of the IP deployment.  The only issue I’ve seen is that with IP v1.30 you must enter the MS Product Key, whereas with Windows Server 2008 R2, you are able to skip this.




Any other experiences to share?