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c3000 Onboard Administrator requirements

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c3000 Onboard Administrator requirements

Manual had a c3000 question:




CU has a c3000 enclosure with dual OA modules but the part numbers are different so I was wondering if someone could shed some light on these two.   Bay 1 has a part # of 483822-001 while bay 2 has part # 486823-001 so my question is: Can these two modules co-exist in the same enclosure?  Bay 1 has a serial number of PAGMU%%9VXY04U (note the %) and HW version of %%.  Module 2 displays the SN and HW version with no strange characters.  Both show fw of 3.11 (updated within the past few days from 3.10).  Outside of the strange characters and the different part numbers they both seem to be working.  Any ideas of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Monty had the info:




The c3000 OA with DDR2 contains OA2, “OA tray” logic, Insight Display and a bay for the redundant OA.

The c3000 redundant OA with DDR2 is OA1 and is much smaller and plugs into the bigger OA2.

That’s why there are two different part numbers.  The OA design is identical, but OA2 includes the multiplexing logic and Insight Display assembly.




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