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c7000 Onboard Administrator firmware upgrade questions

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c7000 Onboard Administrator firmware upgrade questions

Daniel had an Onboard Administrator question:




Hello Everyone,

One of our customer’s has HP c7000 chassis with six HP BL460 G6 blades.  They recently purchased BL460 G7 blades, however, they are not able to power these on without upgrading the OA firmware from v2.41 to v3.21.  Can we upgrade from 2.41 directly to 3.21 or do we need to do incremental upgrades?  Also, can someone confirm that OA upgrade can be done without bringing down the entire chassis?
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Monty replied:




You should have no problem directly updating the Onboard Administrator to 3.21 from 2.41 to gain the G7 server support – although the latest OA release is now 3.30.


OA updates will only result in about a minute of interruption of management Ethernet traffic to an enclosure while the OA is rebooting after that update, and should not result in any issues with the servers.




Any other input for Daniel? What version of OA are you running?