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c7000 Reporting - Enclosure IMAGE question

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c7000 Reporting - Enclosure IMAGE question

A question from Steve regarding getting a real-time enclosure image that shows state of that enclosure.




Customer wants to grab a real-time image of the enclosure that represents an accurate state. This needs to be down to blade power status and bay status.  If the bay is not occupied or if it is what’s in there. I know we can see the accurate representation of a c7000 in SIM and OV but how do we capture that and can we do it with a script?




Info from Sachin:

You can use the OA CLI Commands to get Info related to bays and blades.


OA CLI Command

SHOW SERVER {INFO | NAMES | LIST | STATUS | TEMP | PORT MAP | DVD | POWERDELAY | BOOT}  { ALL | <bay number> [{- | ,} <bay number>] }


And from Eirik:

Just “show all” would give you all the info you needed, then just copy out what you want or run it through the blade-fw xls-generator to get a more manageable overview.


Reply from Steve:

Thanks guys. We know how to use the CLI and are after only the visual image of the enclosure. Below is an example from Autopilot. Whatever mechanism that’s used to create this compilation is the goal here. How can we tape into that and export an image (jpg, png, tiff, etc).



And from Dan:

It’s the same status you get from the CLI + some Graphics files + a whole ton of code.


Unless your customer is willing to re-write that whole ton of code, there is no “Easy Button” to generate that picture for them.


SIM also has that whole ton of code to generate a slightly different version of the picture.




Other suggestions?