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hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe error

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hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe error



Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong category, but I wasn't sure where to put it.


Basically We have an error on one of our HP Servers to do with hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe


I'm not sure what part of the HP software it belongs to exactly, but the error is as follows:


Event Type:                        Error

Event Source:                    Application Error

Event Category:                (100)

Event ID:                              1000

Date:                                     30/07/2012

Time:                                     06:57:21

User:                                     N/A

Computer:                          <Server Name>

Faulting application hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe, version, faulting module 4d508fe8, version hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe, fault address 0x4.1.0.0.


For more information, see Help and Support Center at



 My boss has asked me to find a solution to this error, but so far I've managed to find nothing but websites such as 'fixdll' which are very unhelpful.


Many thanks in advance!

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Re: hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe error



Do you recieve this error by PSP installation ?

What's Your server modell?

Do You have some external storage attached to the server?





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Re: hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe error



We have PSP installed, but it's worked fine until recently. We have do have some external storage attached as well, via SAN. The Model of the server is a HP Blade BL460c.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe error

You will need to upgrade your version of HPSUM you are using.  The hardware discovery tool you are using is from version 4.1.0.  Currently, the Service Pack for ProLiant contains HPSUM version 5.1.0.  This later version contains some fixes for external storage that could resolve the issue you are seeing.  You can get the latest SPP (and assocated drivers and firmware updates) by going to the site and downloading the online bundle that matches the OS you are running.

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Re: hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe error

I am experiencing teh same issue. I have DL560 G1 Windows 2003 32bit on a MS AD Domain

  1. I uninstalled every HP software/agent and rebooted.
  2. Installed PSP 8.70 and rebooted
  3. Logged in no errors and updated the HP Version Control Agent via Version Control to version and rebooted.
  4. Logged in and got the "HP Smart Update Manager Windows Hardware Discovery Tool encountered a problem and needed to close" message that prompts to send to MS. It's detail is the following: 
  • szAppName : hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe szAppVer :
  • szModName : ntdll.dll szModVer : 5.2.3790.4937 offset : 0001bb52


I verified the HPSUM is 5.1.0 so I'm at a loss....?


Re: hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe error

I'm getting the exact same error. I have a DL380 G5 running Windows 64 bit 2003. I did the exact same thing. I also upgraded all firmware including disks. I also have a DL580 G7 running Windows 2003 Enterprise 64 bit SP2. Same error. Not sure what got installed that started this problem. I will be installing two DL360 with same OS and see when this starts popping up. Never had this problem until recent. You would think HP would have and answer.



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Re: hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe error

I worked with HP Support and this is the fix we found.

I uninstalled the HP SMH from add/remove control panel.
I deleted hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe from C:\hp\hpsmh\data\cgi-bin\vcagent\Discovery.
Rebooted server and logged in with no error.
Installed SMH through the PSP 8.70b install.
Rebooted server and logged in with no error.
Ran cp016211.exe to install the latest version of SMH.
Rebooted no errors
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Re: hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe error

I managed to fix this issue by copying from C:\hp\hpsmh\data\cgi-bin\vcagent\Discovery\hpsum_hwdiscovery.exe and overwriting the file located in C:\hp\hpsmh\data\cgi-bin\vcagent\cache\hpsum.  The Older version 4 files were still located in the cache folder and it seems were still being used.


Hope This Helps