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iLO SNMP Setting Explanation

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iLO SNMP Setting Explanation

Joe was looking for some info:




A customer and I are confused about how to set SNMP for iLO2 and iLO3 report correctly. 




Reply from David:




Prior to iLO 4, iLO did not have its own SNMP stack.  iLO 2 and 3 had limited and more respectively ability to generate a certain set of hard-coded traps via SNMP, mostly about power and thermal.




SNMP Alert Destinations:  Trap destination for iLO-generated events.

iLO SNMP Alerts:  Enables the ability of iLO to send its own events.

Insight Manager Agent SNMP Alert Forwarding:  When the host agent running on the OS, with this enabled the trap will be sent by the agent both from the host NIC and the iLO NIC interface.

SNMP Pass-thru:  Passes SNMP traffic back and forth to/from the agents running on the host through the iLO NIC interface.


These are not a substitute for Agentless Management as found on iLO 4, has limited functionality, and can really confuse customers and management software, so typically best left alone. 




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