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iLO reboot question

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iLO reboot question

Marta asked: Is there a way to reboot iLO circuitry without rebooting a blade?


Reply from Cullen: Yes, you can do that from the diagnostics page in the iLO.



Any other comments?


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Re: iLO reboot question

Other input I received:




From Andrea: SSH into ilo then login. And here there are the commands:




From Jan:

Otherwise you could try this... (if the server is windows based...)


Using HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility:


  • Go to to download the HP Configuration Utility on your iLO4 server operating System from the Lights Out Management Section.
  • Save the file in the OS and install it.
  • Once installed, go to the start menu on your computer -Programs -HP System -HP Lighths-Out Online Configuration Utility
  • When the utility opens, choose Summary Tab and Choose Reset iLO/ Set to factory defaults and click on the reset button.

After 30 seconds, log back into iLO.




From Rajesh:

It that is Linux , you can use hponcfg which will reset the ILO


hponcfg -r (or) hponcfg -reset




From Dan:

OA 4.xx versions of firmware have an OA CLI command - RESET ILO - with the following description:

The iLO reset is initiated first via a soft reboot request using a hardware reset mechanism (only supported by Gen9 blades). If the

server blade does not support this mechanism, the iLO reset is attempted by cycling sequentially

through the available network-based protocols supported by iLO (IPMI, RIBCL, JSON, SSH) until iLO

successfully resets or all mechanisms have been attempted without success.


Basically this command will do it’s best to request a reset of iLO via an available network interface on iLO which is still responsive and supports the reset action.  The Gen9 server blade design supports a “hardware-based” iLO reset mechanism that will allow the reset (reboot) of the iLO even if all of it’s network-based interfaces are unresponsive.  The RESET ILO command will automatically figure out what mechanisms are supported by the target blade and do its best to perform the reset (your mileage may vary depending on the blade type and state of the iLO).




All good stuff.