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iLO2 Authentication Question

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iLO2 Authentication Question

Jon had a customer query about iLO authentication:



Please can anyone help answer the following customer query regarding iLO Authentication:


  1. Is iLO Directory Services supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 – Active Directory? 

          a. If so is it supported on x64 platforms?

2.  Are there any special considerations for integrating the Onboard Administrator into Directory Services?

          a. Is this solely schema-less? Or are there MMC snap-ins and Schema Updates to allow  access control of Onboard Administrators?


Any help would be great.


Arnout had one answer:


For Q2:

You have the option between schema-less or a schema extension.  See


A whitepaper about AD integration can be found here:


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Have you a best practice solution for iLO authentication? Please share.