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iLO3 unresponsive. How can I reset it?

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iLO3 unresponsive. How can I reset it?

Dennis needed help to reset iLO3 on a blade:




I have a bl860ci2 and it seems to have a problem with the iLO.

Is there a way to try and reset the iLO without physically removing the blade?

I seem to remember something about an electronic fuse?




Vinjay suggested using the Onboard Administrator (OA):




Then connect via the CLI (see OA Users Guide) to this C-class Enclosure and execute the command: "Reset server x ". The x represents the Bay where the Server blade is located in. An output of the syntax during CLI execution is visible below:

OA2> reset server 2

     Entering anything other than 'YES ' will result in the command not executing.

     Resetting the server causes the E-Fuse to be tripped causing all power to be momentarily removed from     the server.

Do you want to continue ? YES

Successfully reset the E-Fuse for device bay 2.




Dennis indicated that this seemed to fix it:




OA> reset server bay 6


This fixed the problem, thanks.




Any other comments or suggestions??