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iLo 2 Virtual Media Problem

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iLo 2 Virtual Media Problem

David was looking for help at a customer site:




I am at a customer site and they are experiencing an issue with their BL490c G6 iLo Virtual Media Connection.



The virtual media connects successfully at first using both the Java Virtual Media Applet and the ActiveX Integrated Remote Console.


After an undefined period the Virtual Media connections drops and the iLo OS installation fails.


We boot into a ISO ok but the installation of the image fails at different intervals. 


The virtual media Java applet status then shows as disconnected but will not allow us to immediately reconnect because it says it is already connected.



  • c7000 Enclosure with BL490c G6 blades. 
  • Console server is located at same datacentre as c7000.
  • The is a Firewall between the enclosure and the Console server but the ports for the relevant iLo services have been opened.
  • All Images have been validated as not being corrupt.
  • All On Access Scanning applications have been disabled.
  • We have attempted to install both ESXi(352MB) and load up a Windows PE image(263MB) and both fail.
  • We have attempted to load a smaller WinPE image at 160MB and it loads successfully.



Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this drop out? 

Has anyone seen this issue before?

Is there any detailed logs that can be retrieved to point me in the direction of an answer?


The customer is raising this issue with HP Support directly but I wanted to see if I could get any help on this internally.




A suggestion from Lee:




I would suggest that you have the firewall administrator check the firewall logs.  A lot of firewalls implement a TCP connection timeout when there is no activity on the TCP connection.  During an install, the installation process might stop transferring files from the install media long enough for the TCP connection timeout to reset the connection.  The default port for Virtual Media for the BL490c G6 is port 17988 so the firewall administrator can filter for connections to that port.




Any other help for David? Have you seen this problem before?