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smartupdate CLI (Linux) - HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator

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smartupdate CLI (Linux) - HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to update OA using smartupdate on Linux, I'm getting this error but I don't know whats the right way to do that. 

My environment: Centos 7 on docker, I installed sum-8.0.0-84.rhel7.x86_64 on it.

I'm running (I want to update the firmware only): 

smartupdate --s --target my_remote_server --username my_user_name --passwd "my_password" --romonly


auditLog[6145]: Disabling blocked firewall rules
sum_service_x64 started successfully on port 63001, ssl port 63002 and ftp port disabled.
Inventory failed for location - Reason - /opt/sum/bin - is an invalid location. The selected location must have one or more components.
Sending Shutdown request to engine
Waiting for engine to shutdown
Successfully shutdown the service.


Can anyone help me please,?

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Re: smartupdate CLI (Linux) - HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator

Why not point the browser to the OA and use hpoa470.bin file?

Hope this helps!

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