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10GB Pass Thru Remote Firmware Update

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10GB Pass Thru Remote Firmware Update

Chris was having an issue during a remote update of the customer's Pass Thru modules.





Trying to update the firmware for a 10GbE PTM remotely…  There are instructions in the document referenced from the link below.  The instructions indicate that remote update via XMODEM is possible.  The instructions state to connect to the interconnect module via the OA CLI at which time you will be prompted for “modem send”.  Then you will be prompted to enter the URL of the BIN file.


I have 2 chassis that I am testing with and one prompts for remote XMODEM as expected and the other only allows for local XMODEM.   Chassis A has OA firmware version 2.60 and a BETA 10GbE PTM and this prompts correctly and the firmware can be updated appropriately.  Chassis B has OA firmware version 2.52 with a GA PTM with firmware version but does not prompt for remote XMODEM.


See the attached files which show the console output and commands.


The documentation doesn’t seem to be comprehensive.  Perhaps I am missing something?



Then he found an answer:



Problem resolved….




Added to the “CONNECT INTERCONNECT” command the ability to send a file to an interconnect module using the XMODEM transfer protocol.



Do you use pass thru modules? Can you tell us why?


Re: 10GB Pass Thru Remote Firmware Update

2 items are important during installation:

1. verify the low level FRU on the 10GB PT module in OA CLI using: show update
    if there is a never version listed it is already embedded and available in the OA using the CLI command update device xx
2. verify the 10GB PT module firmware. You can find more information in this document that I made incl. a video:


enjoy! Jeroen

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