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1Gbps on 6120XG downlink ports?

Occasional Contributor

1Gbps on 6120XG downlink ports?

I'm trying to figure out whether the 6120XG blade switch will work with the 1GbE interfaces embedded into BL260c G5 and BL280c G6 - the quickspecs sheet of 6120XG says it's compatible with those servers, but I can only find references on 1G/10G autosensing about the external / uplink ports (nothing about the internals).

Also, should I expect trouble if I "pair" a 6120XG with a GbE2c (we have a mix of BL260c G5, BL280c G6, BL460c G6 and BL490c G6 in that C7000 chassis)?  Right now we have GbE2cs everywhere, but there is a requirement of cut-through switching between the second NIC of two particular servers...

Many thanks in advance.