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3PAR FCoE connect to HPN 6125XLG Blade Switch

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3PAR FCoE connect to HPN 6125XLG Blade Switch

A question from Tony:




Sorry to raise this again after 2 weeks, but I just got a PARTNER request about this.


3PAR 7200 StorageWorks trying to connect directly to a HPN 6125XLG… the Array is NOT found by the switch. However, directly attached HOSTS are being seen by the switch.


For what it’s worth, is there something special that has to be setup on either the array or switch side given this set of circumstances?




Input from Pete:




Have you checked this document “HP Networking single-tier FC/FCoE solution using HP Rack Servers and HP Storage”




Reply from Tony:




For all that are interested, we have successfully proven that the 6125XLG switches DO work in a direct-connection with a 3PAR array. In our circumstance, we actually have 4 of these switches in a 40GbE IRF ring, and it works like a champ.


To be sure, we’ve been struggling with a TYPO in the ACL section of the switch config that was preventing the 3PAR from logging in correctly, but once that was fixed (with the help of a an eagle-eyed escalation manager), it is functioning correctly now.


If you do NOT have a TOR switch in-place that is providing Fibre Channel Forwarding (FCF) support, the 6125XLG should be enabled to provide this functionality.