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4108GL Switch SNMP problem

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4108GL Switch SNMP problem

Dear Community,


First of all, sorry if I am not posting in the right forum, I could not find any dedicated to HP procurve switches...


I tried to no avail to get  the proper OID to check power supplies status on HP switches.

I found a couple of things:

hpSwitch4865PowerSupplyBay or icfPowerSupplySensor.

But these do not show any live information. Aka I need to know if the PSU if alive or not.

As the customer got redundant PSU, this will enable to send alert(s) when one of them fails.


I already spent about 3 days searching through everywhere, but found nothing worthy.

Of course the numeric OID will be much better and if there is a specific MIB (but hpicfOid.mib) I would be happy to have the mib as well.


Many thanks in advance for any help.


Kind regards,