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4GB FC Pass-Thru Firmware

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4GB FC Pass-Thru Firmware

Keith had a Pass-Thru Module question:




So I found an old Advisory that talks about the firmware on a 4GB FC Pass-Thru.  My question is when a customer is going to update their enclosure firmware specifically the OA firmware (which has the firmware for the FC Pass-Thru embedded in the OA firmware) is the FC Pass-thru firmware a requirement or only if the customer is experiencing the issue in the advisory.  Here is the link to the Advisory.




Comment from Dan:




My understanding is the process of upgrading the OA will upgrade the FC Pass Thru automatically.


If you inserted the FC after upgrading OAs, there is an SSH command you can run to manually trigger the upgrade.


Hopefully someone else can come in here and either confirm or set me straight.




And more info from Bill:




The Fibre Channel Pass-Thru Firmware is not automatically updated when the OA gets updated. You have to do it manually through the OA CLI with the "update" command as stated in the Advisory. It does reset the PT, so make sure it is redundant with the second PT. I can't answer if it is a requirement or not.




Any other help or comments?

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Re: 4GB FC Pass-Thru Firmware

Hi chuckk, this is a bit confusing.

Second answer (from Bill) is correct.

100 points.

Hope this helps!

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