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Add Vlan to Uplink port

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Add Vlan to Uplink port

We need to add a VLAN to an uplink. We are not sure if this port is acting as a trunk or access. If we go to the VLAN and add that uplink port to it, would it change the status of the uplink (like from trunk to access), because I don't want to lose connectivity to the whole enclosure.



Switch model : HP 1:10Gb Ethernet Blade Switch.

BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure G2


Re: Add Vlan to Uplink port

The VC will always act as a Trunk, it can be in one of 2 modes mapped mode ( where you decide what adapter the vlan is mapped to ) and tunneled mode where it just tunnels whatever your switch is presenting. If you're just adding a Vlan in mapped mode you won't have an outage and shouldn't need a reboot as long as your server profile has assigned "empty" NICS. If you need to add a NIC to the profile the server needs a reboot to take the new adapter.