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BL460 CNA through 10GbE Pass Thru?

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BL460 CNA through 10GbE Pass Thru?

Mirko had a FCoE question and the new FlexNICs:






can anybody help me with the following question:

Is it possible to run the NC553i in the BL460c G7 in the following setup:

NC553i -> 10 GbE Pass Thru -> external FCoE Switch (i.e. nexus fabric extender)

… as described in some of the pre-release slides I attached?


I was already asking local people but there were different statements on whether this works or not.




Chris replied:




Yes, this would work.  But why?  That’s 32 cables and ports that need to be run per enclosure.  I have been successful in showing customers how that is expensive and unnecessary, especially with customers who have bought into the whole Nexus 2k/5k combination.  Once you show them how to shrink the edge infrastructure, by removing the Nexus 2k/5k combo, the cost savings increase.