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BL460c CNA and Linux


BL460c CNA and Linux

I have a BL460c with a HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-Port 534FLB Adapter running RHEL 5.10. Everything is working great but SAN connectivity. How do you get this to see the CNA as a FC HBA? I came close to getting the FcoE drivers to work but a no go. Can someone assist or point me in the correct direction?




Re: BL460c CNA and Linux


If Virtual Connect module is not installed, then run RBSU by rebooting the server and pressing the F9 key during boot prompt. Under menu System Options > NIC Personality Options > Select the controller and then press ‘enter’ key to list the personality choices and then choose FCoE to set personality for FC connectivity.


If Virtual Connect module is installed, then the profile settings take precedence and hence make the settings in Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) or Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM).





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Re: BL460c CNA and Linux

The profile looks correct. It has the network and HBA's set with WWN's. I checked to see if the BIOS had that option and it does not. What else can I check?