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BladeSystem HPN ProCurve 6120XG Firmware Upgrades

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BladeSystem HPN ProCurve 6120XG Firmware Upgrades

Question from Steve and his customer:




All, Working with a customer on a c7000 with a 6120XG switches.


They are at the following firmware and will upgrade to current, however, I’m trying to determine whether the Boot ROM is upgraded “with” the firmware upgrade or is that a separate upgrade.  The web page for this switch has only a single firmware upgrade image and no boot rom.


Primary Image   : 7732899   10/21/10 Z.14.22

Secondary Image : 7172803   11/06/09 Z.14.08

Boot Rom Version: Z.14.09

Default Boot    : Primary


; 516733-B21 Configuration Editor; Created on release #Z.14.22




From Bhavin:




Boot Rom is part of Firmware only and there is no separate update for the same.

With Z.14.22 firmware Boot ROM seen as Z.14.09 is correct.




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