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Brocade SAN switch password recovery

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Brocade SAN switch password recovery

John needed some help:




Anyone have a document or procedure for recovering from a lost password on a Brocade San switch. I don’t know if it makes any difference but the switch in question is C7000 Brocade SAN module.




Input from Pierre:




Blade c class serial connection cable to OA


1-  Verify there is power to the enclosure.

2-  Identify the active Onboard Administrator module.

3-  Connect the serial cable to the workstation/server and active OA module.

4-  Configure terminal application settings as follows Windows environment Bits per second - 9600 Databits - 8 Parity - None Stop bits - 1 Flow control - None UNIX environment, enter: tip /dev/ttyb -9600 Log on to Onboard Administrator.

5-  Identify the bay number for the installed switch.

6-  At the command line, enter

connect interconnect x

   (where x is the interconnect bay that the switch is installed in.)


When you’re At the switch prompt  either reset the switch or power cycle the switch through the OA…..Once you’re at the switch boot up prompt then follow up the steps in the pdf doc…

See attached.




Hope this helps. Any other questions?