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Brocade fw 6.2.2c recommended version, but not on

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Brocade fw 6.2.2c recommended version, but not on

Terri was looking for the right Brocade SAN software:




Hello all,


For the 4GB Brocade switches including the c-class and p-class interconnect switches, Brocade fw 6.2.2c is the recommende version. Yet its not on If you search for it the links will give an error "We apologize, we were unable to find the driver description document you requested."

This is a real pain since its over 500 MB and we are not suppose to share any ftp sites. I have submitted feedback to the Web Master.

If anyone can assist or expedite, it would be greatly appreciated.




Then Terri found out the correct answer:




Update to all,


Brocade 6.2.2c has been pulled by Brocade and HP for a known defect. This is a FYI and it explains why I couldn't find it.


Brocade Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 2010-089


To avoid this problem, do not upgrade AG enabled switches, connected to external devices, from

Fabric OS v6.1.x to Fabric OS v6.2.2c. Upgrade to Fabric OS v6.2.2d or above.


As a precautionary measure Brocade has decided to remove Fabric OS v6.2.2c from the MyBrocde