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C7000 Interconnect Cisco 3120 Firmware

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C7000 Interconnect Cisco 3120 Firmware

David was looking for a special version of firmware for a Cisco 3120 blade interconnect:




Looking on I can easily find two revisions of firmware but neither of them provide the following feature as stated in our quickspec:


Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol, Kerberos, and Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 (SNMPv3) provide network security by encrypting administrator traffic during Telnet and SNMP sessions. SSH Protocol, Kerberos, and the cryptographic version of SNMPv3 require a special cryptographic software image because of U.S. export restrictions.


My customer tells me the “tar” image requires “k9” to have this feature.



Two Version = CBS31x0-universal-tar.122-58.SE1.tar or CBS31x0-universal-tar.122-55.SE1.tar

Customer states = cbs31x0-universalk9-mz.122-50.SE5.bin


Do we have access to this “tar” or “bin” files with this feature ?  OR Does our file contain it?




Good info from Steve:




The K9 Crypto version of the Cisco 3120 FW is available for free from the HP SW depot.

Follow this link:





I have noticed we are putting more and more info out on the Software Depot for customer distribution.