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Can HP ProCurve 6120XG be managed by System Insight Manager (SIM)?

Trusted Contributor

Can HP ProCurve 6120XG be managed by System Insight Manager (SIM)?

Phoebe had a managmeent question for ProCurve blade switches:







I know SIM can manage HP ProCurve 6120XG,but I don't know the detail about the management, such as what kind of operation or error can be managed, port monitoring...?

Do you have some information about these?



And the customer asked which Firmware (FW) of HP ProCurve 6120XG can be managed by SIM?

I didn't find any information about HP ProCurve 6120XG FW's relation with SIM.

Is there a limitation about FW of HP ProCurve 6120XG?or SIM can manage HP ProCurve 6120XG regardless of FW?




David provided some info:




HP SIM can receive events (SNMP traps) from the ProCurve switch, as long as it's set to send them as SNMPv1 syntax.  As far as understanding all of the things that a network administrator might want to monitor or manage, such as configurations or performance counters, HP SIM is the wrong tool for that and you should look at things in the HP Networking domain...




Other comments or suggestions?


Website for HP SIM: http://h18013.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/hpsim/index.html