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Carepacks for Infiniband

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Carepacks for Infiniband

Antonin had a service question for InfiniBand blades:




Hello guys,

I have one very basic question but there are some contradictory information found in our tools. If we configure the U-Carepacks for c7000, do we need to configure a Carepacks for Infiniband switches as well?  Our order system is only showing the Carepack for an enclosure. If I put the Part Number of the IB switch in Carepack Configurator (410398-b21  for instance), it shows many Carepacks available.


So, are the IB switches covered with the Carepack of the enclosure or I need to buy the extra support?


Many thanks,




Oliver replied:




I don’t believe that IB switches are covered by the enclosure CarePack. IB switches are seen as standard ethernet interconnects.


QuickSpecs states:

HP Care Pack Services

NOTE: HP Care Pack services for the c7000 Enclosure cover the enclosure, power supplies and fans. HP qualified rack options are covered by these services when installed within the same rack. HP supported c-Class enclosure devices including pass thru, Ethernet interconnect and virtual connect modules are also covered by the c7000 enclosure Care Pack services.


NOTE: SAN/Fabric switches for the HP c-Class BladeSystem are not covered under the c7000 enclosure Care Packs, SAN/Fabric switches carry separate Care Packs. SAN/Fabric Switch Care Pack service level support should always be uplifted to match existing storage or server service level.




Other comments or input? We just had this question about service on Virtual Connect modules. Take a look at that blog.