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Cisco 3020 Firmware and getting the latest version

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Cisco 3020 Firmware and getting the latest version

Brian had a customer issue and needed some info:




Do we have any idea what the latest 3020 firmware is and should the customer get it from HP or Cisco?


Customer is having an issue with port’s disabling after a reboot of g6 blade connected to a 3020 and I am hoping it is an issue with the 10gb nics on the G6 and the fact that the 3020 is only 1gb…




Robert had an answer:




I should have also noted that we recommend 12.2(53)SEn, where n is the latest.  It will need to be downloaded directly from Cisco.




Also Hoa had some good info:




You can find different versions here:



I would have suggested replacing the Cisco 3020 with a Virtual Connect module but that's the way I am. Other comments?