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Cisco 3020 password and uplinks question

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Cisco 3020 password and uplinks question

Avi had a Cisco 3020 switch question:




I replace a Cisco 3020 switch and ran the express setup .

Customer says that in the Failed switch he can get to the management interface with no credentials.

Also in the second switch on the enclosure , no password to access the switch.


  1. What is the command to bypass the password and connect directly to the switch ?


  1. On the uplinks 17-24 , I can’t fixed the port speed It’s always on AUTO. I can change the speed from auto to 1000 but after submit its return to AUTO,

How can I force the port speed?


Thanks in advance.




Andreas replied:






Without any password there will be no access through telnet/ssh possible. This is a safety feature at all Cisco systems. Only through console access there is no password required.




Avi replied:




Thanks Andreas,


So what exactly Do  I need to change in order to get no password access via management console?


Do you have any idea about the uplinks?




Andreas answered:




I still don’t get your point:

-          Do you mean with management console the serial console interface?

-          There are two access levels.

  • For getting access to the none privileged mode “hostname>”
    • For console access the password is under “line console 0”.
    • For Telnet access the password is unter “line vty 0 15”
    • Both could be cleaned by entering “no password ….”, after enter the “line …” statement in the config mode
  • See also:
  • For getting access to the none privileged mode “hostname#”
    • It is named “enable password ….” In the config
    • It could also erase with “no password ….”

Regarding the uplinks:

-          Did you select a media type?

-          Did you try “speed 1000” or “speed auto 1000”?

-          See also:




Avi got what he needed:




Thanks , this info was very usefull.




Other input for Avi?