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Cisco 3120G with LX SFP??

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Cisco 3120G with LX SFP??

Karl had a transceiver question for the Cisco 3120G blade switch:





I have a customer who wants to use his Cisco 3120G with two LX ports. It appears in the QuickSpecs that this is doable but I cannot find out which SFP’s he would need to use to do that. The only SFPs in the 3120G QuickSpecs appear to be SX. Any assistance with LX SFP part numbers for a supported configuration would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




Andrey replied:




Hello Karl,


We do not offer LX, but they are supported


The only way – order LX SFP from Cisco (I think p/n is GLC-LH-SM)







Any other input for Karl??