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Cisco 3120X Stacking Question

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Cisco 3120X Stacking Question

Steve had a Cisco stacking question:




Customer will have 3 c7000’s w/16 - BL460cG7’s and 2 - 3120X’s per chassis. They are asking for 2 stacking links per switch (that would be 8 for the rack) and then 4 x10Gig uplinks out the top. So just a sanity check if this will work.  Would this be a single virtual stack or would they have to be divided into two? Also it appears that each switch ships with 1 stacking cable, correct?


Switch BOM would look like this:

6 x 451439-B21, HP BLc Cisco 1/10GbE 3120X Switch

4 x 494332-B21, HP BLc Cisco 1m Stacking Cbl Opt

8 x 459006-B21, Cisco 10GBASE-SR X2 Module




Vincent answered:




Stacking on the Cisco 3120 is done through 2 proprietary StackWise ports, independent of the uplink ports.

You don’t need to order any additional stacking cable unless the supplied length (each switch comes with a 1m stacking cable) does not suit you.




Any other help?