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Cisco Blade Switch 3120x SFP failure

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Cisco Blade Switch 3120x SFP failure

John had a question on link failover:




I have a customer who, after having a SFP fail on a Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120x, are saying all but one of the 13 BL465 G6 installed in the enclosure failed to fail over their network connectivity. This is because on 12 of the Blades had their primary connection on port 1 which is connected to the switch which had the SFP failure and the other one just happended to have it’s primary link on port 2 through the switch in bay 2.




Comment from Anton:




If an uplink fails, by default the NIC port that lost connectivity will still be connected to the switch and won’t failover even if the uplink path has failed as it’s unaware.

To tell the switch to disable the corresponding downlinks in case of an uplink failure(this is what will tell the teaming software to failover as the port lost its link) you need to configure it– like smartlink for VC, Uplink Failure Detection(UFD) for Gbe2c switch and for the Cisco switch it will be the “Link Sate Tracking” feature.


Some articles and docs that can help with the concept and the config would be:


From page 17 onwards :




Any other help for John?