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Cisco CBS3010 not reachable from most Hosts

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Cisco CBS3010 not reachable from most Hosts



we have a c7000 Chassis with 4 CBS3020 Switches in Bay 1,2,5 and 6. Everything is fine but the Switch in Bay 2.

It works also, but we have a Problem with the management. All 4 Switches have nearly the same configuration. Only the IPs are different.  In the


Now my Problem: From external hosts, the Switch in Bay 2 is not reachable. But i can Ping and Telnet the Switch from all other three Switches. But not from any other device/host.

From the Switch itself i can ping everything. On our Management Workstation i can see the correct MAC Adress in the ARP Table...



Has anyone some ideas what it could be?


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