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Cisco FEX Support question

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Cisco FEX Support question

Hoa had a question regarding support for the Cisco FEX available for HP BladeSystem:




What happen if customer doesn’t have Smartnet contract?    Who owns the 1st line support HP or Cisco?    From what I know we can replace the FEX if under contract or warranty only if Cisco authorized?






Lots of comments:


From Walton:

Support is by Cisco.  Once out of warranty, if the customer has no contract, then no updates are provided. This is the way Cisco operates.


From Hoa:

I suggest the customer to contact Cisco for ongoing support & warranty questions.


And from Steve:

There is no firmware on the FEX module for customer to update.

Since the FEX is considered a line card extension off the Nexus switch, then all provisioning is done via the Nexus. Any firmware updates are to the Nexus switch, not the FEX. Therefore the customer must have a valid smartnet contract on the Nexus switch to receive updates or configuration/provisioning help. Without any contract, then the Cisco 90 day FW warranty applies to the Nexus and therefore the FEX. I would find it very curious if a customer did not buy smartnet on the Nexus switch. HP cannot support configuration/provisioning or any other FW related questions as these are all Cisco Nexus switch related.

Hardware replacement is through HP.  HP provides 1 year HW replacement through our normal support channels should the hardware fail. Customer can expand to 3 years with carepack.


Question from Dan:

Steve, who determines when the part is failed?

Can the customer just call us and say its failed or is that a hand-off from Cisco post troubleshooting?

What if they don’t have SmartNet on the Nexus but still need a replacement FEX?


Again from Steve:

There is an official support policy.  We have been selling these products for over 2 years now. All first line calls go to Cisco. This is made clear in the FEX documentation.  Cisco will provide (assuming there is a Smartnet contract on the parent Nexus switch) all technical support related to configuration and provisioning. If Cisco determines that it is a hardware problem, then the customer is directed to call the HP competency center. If the FEX is at fault, HP will replace at no charge to the customer the FEX for a period of one year. HP is supposed to also work with the customer to determine that no other issue is at play such as a bad NIC before replacing the unit.  


Yes the FEX can be hot swapped in answer to another email.




Other comments or questions?