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Cisco FEX support

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Cisco FEX support

Brian had a Cisco FEX question:




Does anyone have a guide to how the FEX support is supposed to work?  What do they need to order from the Cisco side and what do they need to order from HP?


Is it the FEX gets the warranty of the chassis, smartnet for the entire Nexus solution from Cisco (5k and C FEX), who do they call first?  HP if the module is just dead and Cisco for everything else?




From Steve:




As per the FEX getting started Guide:

For configuration or troubleshooting assistance, the Cisco Nexus B22 Fabric Extender for HP is covered under the Cisco support contract of the parent Cisco Nexus switch.


Cisco will take first line calls for support and troubleshooting provided the FEX is connected to a Nexus Switch with a valid Smartnet contract. This is the case in 95% of the time

If the Nexus switch was purchased through HP SWD division and carries an HP warranty, (no Smartnet) then the customer calls the HP service organization associated with that warranty contract.

If the customer does not have any support contract associated with the Nexus switch, he has bigger problems.


All warranty replacements are through HP. If Cisco determines the FEX is defective, customers are redirected to HP for a replacement product.  HP may at its discretion chose to confirm the FEX is defective by additional troubleshooting prior to replacing product.


This may sound a bit convoluted. As all FW/programming/configuration comes from the Nexus switch, Cisco support is the logical choice for first line support.




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