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Cisco Twinax support question

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Cisco Twinax support question

Chairutthana had a cable compatibility question:





Sorry to bring this thread up again, I have couple of questions regarding CISCO cableห between Nexus 5000 & VC-Flex10/10D.


1)      Our (CISCO OEM) C-series Direct Attach Cables, if we use this and plugged to Nexus 5000, is there any concern or need to aware? (I guess we OEM because of CISCO verify cable part#).


Cisco Twinax Direct Attach Copper Cables

Cisco 3-m 10G SFP+ Twinax cable assembly



VC 3.00


Cisco 5-m 10G SFP+ Twinax cable assembly



VC 3.00


Cisco 7-m 10G SFP+ Twinax cable assembly



VC 3.70


Cisco 10-m 10G SFP+ Twinax cable assembly



VC 3.70



2)      We have also, HP C-series Nexus 5000 Converged Network Switch, for the firmware point of view, is there any different from Nexus 5000 from CISCO?




Info from Mark:






The revisions of these cables whether they come from Cisco or from HP (OEM) are exactly the same. VC doesn’t distinguish one from another because it is impossible, it is the same exact cable.

The earlier revision of the cable will show “Linked”.


Earlier in the year, Cisco’s vendor made changes and internal revised the part#, which if those newer cables are installed (doesn’t matter if they are from Cisco or HP (OEM), will show as “Linked/Uncertified”.

That is what the customer notice explains.




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