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Clarification on ProCurve cables

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Clarification on ProCurve cables

A question from Paul:


I found a link to the quickspecs for HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ Direct Attach Cables at (from the web page, and it listed the following in the document:


HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ 1m Direct Attach Cable J9281B
HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ 3m Direct Attach Cable J9283B
HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ 7m Direct Attach Cable J9285B


Are the above cables the same type of cables as J9300A/J9301A/J9302A but just different part numbers?


And the answer from Vincent:


No they’re not the same. The J928xB have an SFP+ module at each end. The J930xA have an SFP+ module at one end and an XFP module at the other.