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Configuration Question for BNT Switch GBe2c

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Configuration Question for BNT Switch GBe2c

Youssef had a blade switch question:






I'm trying to setup private vlans on a gbe2c switch. The official documentation

says it is possible, but no option available on the web management interface.




Ramu replied:




Hi Youssef


As per below GbE2c datasheet it is mentioned that private Vlan will be available with optional software release.


Not sure which software release will have this support. May be this is not available as of now???.


Others can comment if new software is available to support this....




Hiro provided some info as well:


Hi Youssef,


Did you apply Advanced Software License?


HP GbE2c Layer 2/3 Ethernet Blade Switch Advanced Functionality Software
NOTE: Provides additional feature functionality such as Hot Links, PVLAN Edge and IGMPv3 Snooping. Purchase of this SW entitles users to three years of additional software upgrades as made available. This option may be purchased at any time.





That helps. Any other questions or comments?