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Connecting C700 Enclosure to Cisco Nexus 7700 using LACP

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Connecting C700 Enclosure to Cisco Nexus 7700 using LACP

We are in the process of replacing our older Nexus switches with new Cisco Nexus 7700s..  We want to test what is required to convert our older C7000 enclousures, using Virtual Connect modules.  So far we have not had any luck.

Scenario - we have a C7000 enclosure, with two VC fabric module installed, using 10 gb GBICS.  We want to connect to Nexus using LACP.  currently have two connections running to one Nexus switch.  Our ultimate configuation will be to make one connection to two seperate Nexus switches, co-located in one computer room.

---We have one uplink set connecting to our older Nexus, not using LACP and it works fine.  We have this configuation running for years.

--- We have added an additional set of cables, created an additional uplink set and connected to the new Nexus switch.  

We have tried everything and we continue to get an error message on the Nexus side that shows one side is always suspended.  We have used multiple configurations in HP VC management tool, and to be honest there is not much for us to configure.  I have an open ticket with Cisco on this issue.

We have one test server installed and we are able to get the server up and pinging but one side of the Nexus always shows in suspended state.  

Virtual connect shows  uplink set at being in Active, Standby and linked configuration.

Any ideas?


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Re: Connecting C700 Enclosure to Cisco Nexus 7700 using LACP

As per your question you want to connect vcflex to Cisco Nexus switch.

1. Is enclosure now working?

2. What the status of existing switch?

3. Which type of the SFP+ you using both sides?

4. Can you logon on VCflex and check the status, its in sync mode or not?

5. Can you logon on OA and check the status of VC flex?

Most important thing connectivity with C7000 to Nexus first of all check the SFP+, your SAN switch status and VC flex status.

When you add a new switch any configuration mismatch?

Most of the case if you not mismatch the configuration and your Nexus uplink working then no issue its easily communicated. 

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Re: Connecting C700 Enclosure to Cisco Nexus 7700 using LACP

what is the VC module and its firmware ?


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