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Connecting Cisco and BladeSystem Interconnects

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Connecting Cisco and BladeSystem Interconnects

Sami had a customer issue with cabling between Cisco and BladeSystem interconnects:



I have two enclosures with Flex-10 modules and BLc 10Gb SR SFP+ Opts (455883-B21).


The customer wants to connect the flex-10 modules to his Cisco core switches using “X2-10GB-LX4” transceivers by LC-SC fiber cables.


Is this compatible? Because it seems there is no connectivity?

The customer already has “X2-10GB-LX4” in his WS-C6500-E Cisco Switches and connected to the Flex-10!


If this is not compatible, what are the compatible transceivers that can be installed in his WS-C6500-E Cisco Switches?


Please advise, thank you.



We got some answers from Vincent:



No we do not have any LX4 connectivity option. It is an old, bulky and power hungry standard for 10Gb Ethernet. Better advise your customer to move away from it.

If you have 10Gb SR transceivers on the Flex-10 side as you seem to indicate (455883-B21), you need X2-10GB-SR on the Cisco side.



Comments? Any other solutions?