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Create Virtual Network Adapter BL460

Occasional Contributor

Create Virtual Network Adapter BL460


Is there a way to create virtual network adapter on BL460?

I know I have to buy a mezz card to add one or more network adapters, but that would be costly and my client would not approve that kind of solution.

In Linux system, such as Ubuntu, adding a virtual adapter is easy. I've done that kind of work many times. The condition is I have to pull this off by using Windows Server 2008 R2. I know it's impossible to accomplish such thing in OS level. So, is there any way to accomplish this task on BL460? Maybe through NCU?

Thanks in advance. And sorry for my bad english :)

Occasional Contributor

Re: Create Virtual Network Adapter BL460

Could someone give me some clue about this, please?

Is it possible or not to make a virtual adapter by using NCU or other HP utililty?