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Do we have a 10Gbps switch with Layer 3 routing?

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Do we have a 10Gbps switch with Layer 3 routing?

Au Yuan had a customer question:




Dear experts ,


I have a customer need a 10Gbps switch, have L3 router function , but I find that except VC support 10Gbps, we only have ProCurve 6120XG support 10Gbps Layer 2 switch . So do we have any switch that supports full 10G and Layer 3 router ?





Ramu replied:




Firstly, the 6120 ProCurve switch supports both Static routing and RIP for layer 3 routing function.

Secondly, the IP interface is nothing but a Vlan interface which has been associated with an IP address. For example if you have 3 Vlans configured in a Layer 3 switch, each Vlan must be associated with one IP address from it's own subnet, so that you can configure routing function.


If a switch is performing Layer 3 routing between the Vlans then it is considered a Layer 3 switching device. ProCurve 6120 does exactly this like IBM or Dell.




Vincent also chimed in:




The last firmware release (Z14.22) has added routing capability to the 6120 switches. Check out the user guide and see if it suits your customer's needs.




Any other help for Au Yuan?