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ESXi NIC Teaming with Gbe2c L2/L3 and multiple uplink

Gaur Sunder
Occasional Visitor

ESXi NIC Teaming with Gbe2c L2/L3 and multiple uplink

We have following setup:

1. Server blades with dual-port onboard and dual-port mezzenine NIC card.

2. 4 nos Gbe2c L2/L3 blade switches on backplane. Each port of server blade is going to a different switch (e.g Blade-1 Port-1 to Switch-1 Port-1, Blade-1 Port-2 to Switch-2 Port-1, and so on...).

3. Each Gbe2c blade is connected to D-Link Stack Switch through single Uplink cable.


ESXi is on blade servers and all NIC ports are teamed as Active member. Default Load Balancing (Route on originating vport) is configured.


This configuration is working. Some people may point out that NIC teaming with each port connecting to different switch should not work but it does. There is no way to test it but if we down few port, the communication continues so we assume teaming is working.


Recently, we attempted to increase number of uplinks to Gbe2c switches by connecting all cables between D-Link and Gbe2c swtiches. Interesting results were:

1. On direct connection, the D-Link switch disconnected ports due to loop.

2. On Trunking all uplink ports of Gbe2c and connecting; the switch worked but:

       a. VMs running in two different blades dropped packets healvily.

       b. Computer on LAN when pinging Host blade, was able to work smoothly but pings to guest VMs dropped packets.

       c. In case of VMs across different Hosts, sometimes first 10~20 pings were dropped but later ones succedded. After stopping ping, wating for say 5 mins, and then restarting ping same behaviour appeared.


Can somebody give a clue as to what is happening and how to acheive maximum bandwidth aggregation right from D-Link to Gbe2c and from Gbe2C to Host.


Any help will be appriciated.

Danny Rafael

Re: ESXi NIC Teaming with Gbe2c L2/L3 and multiple uplink

I have a similar problem. I have a 4 Switch GbE2c connect to Dlink Stack DXS3326CSR through single Uplink cable. I have 8 BL460G1 with vmware ESX 3.5 U4, sometimes guest VMs dropped packets. I review the switch logs but I don´t see any problem.


Do you know any manual for best practice to connect this plataform?


Thanks for your comments.