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FCoE with Cisco Fabric Extender Modules (i2 blades, HP-UX) ??

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FCoE with Cisco Fabric Extender Modules (i2 blades, HP-UX) ??

Arlan had a customer question regarding FCoE:




A customer is planning to add some i2 blades (HP-UX) to a Cisco Nexus environment. So they will be using the “B22HP Fabric Extender Modules (641146-B21)” in their c7000 chassis.


The questions revolve around how to do FCoE over these Fabric Extender Modules:


1)    If they use them in slots 1 and 2 of the c7000 can the Flex-10 LOMs in the i2 blades be used for FCoE over these modules (pretty sure the answer is “NO”)?

2)    If not, what is the alternative way to use them for FCoE?  Do we need to use the FlexFabric (CNA) Mezz cards and put the modules in different c7000 slots?

3)    Any additional software or drivers required ?

4)    Any pointer(s) to a white paper, config guide or other documentation on how to use these Fabric Extender Modules  for FCoE with i2 blades and HP-UX ?




Reply from Chris:




They must use FlexFabric Adapters, which means using a mezz card, and the modules will need to be in bays 3-8.




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