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Firmware for Fibre Channel-Pass-Thru?

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Firmware for Fibre Channel-Pass-Thru?

Aman had a FIbre Channel Pass-Thru question:




Customer is adding a FC Pass-Thru module to an enclosure (and an HBA to just one blade that he needs to backup to tape).

Can this be hot-plug added, or does the enclosure require reboot?

Are there any firmware dependencies he must check?




Monty replied:

All c-Class BladeSystem modules and blades are hot-plug. 


Service events to add or replace modules need to be mindful of whether the servers are configured for redundant connections – if not, then interruption of service will occur.


For the scenario you describe – adding an FC pass-thru interconnect module can be done without disturbing any of the other servers.  You just need to ensure that the FC HBA you will be using is compatible with the selected FC pass-thru module. 


The c-Class FC pass-thru supports 1Gb/2Gb/4Gb FC.


Eirik also had some info:



Customer wants to add FC connection to blade 8.


-          Verify what interconnect bays are in use and if any blades have mezzcards


Example – Customer has a blade in slot 4 with a Ethernet mezz in slot 1 and Ethernet passthrough \ switches in bays 3\4, then these bays and mezzslots are predefined for Ethernet.


-          Install FC-HBA in blade 8 in a mezz slot that does not interfere with any other modules


Following above example, install mezzanine in slot 2 and module(s) in slot 5\6, and a SFP in slot 8 of the passthrough.



This is hotpluggable and fw for passthrough is included with the OA-firmware, so if you check the Rack Firmware button on the OA you will see if the passthrough is outdated in regards to the OA.




Other comments or suggestions??

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Firmware for Fibre Channel-Pass-Thru?

Hey, yeah you can see in the c-class user guide how the different mezzanine cards and interconnect bays correlate.

The FC-passthrough module is very simple - it doesn't have an upgradeable firmware even.

You may also want to check that the tape system is compatible with the FC HBA on the blade.
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Re: Firmware for Fibre Channel-Pass-Thru?

The firmware part is not true as there is firmware for both Ethernet passthorugh and fiberchannel passthrough. It's not very adverticed by HP and i think the latest update is from 2007 or something. But The firmware for the passthrough components are built in the OA Firmware but are not applied automatically when upgrading the OA as it is a dissruptive update.


See the following link for how to update FC Passthrough.